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Keep your organization in the know.

The Election Monitor gives you comprehensive, real-time election monitoring that tracks the candidates, commitments, and change that will impact your organization.
Peter Bethlenfalvy
Minister of Finance
Peter Bethlenfalvy
Minister of Finance

Powerful features to guide you through the election.

Candidate Tracker
Track the candidates that matter to you, complete with biographies and highlights.
Stakeholder Monitoring
Commentary and reactions from stakeholders on your key issues as they develop.
Commitment Tracker
Stay up-to-date on the commitments made by parties and candidates during (and after) the election.
Custom Daily Briefings
Briefings of your key priorities with detailed analyses, ensuring your full situational awareness every day.
Candidate / Commitment Tracker

Monitor the candidates and commitments that matter to you.

Track each candidate in the Election Monitor web app and highlight those that are important to you. Complete with bios and highlights.
Your Candidates
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Sara Singh - NDP
Jill Dunlop - PC
Paul Saguil - LIBERAL
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Daily Briefings

Briefings custom-tailored to your organization.

Maintain situational awareness through twice-daily briefings, tailored to your key priorities, fact-checked, and delivered directly to your inbox.
Morning Briefing | 04.01.2022
Your Issues
OLP Autism Plan
The OLP will announce commitments to children with autism, introducing a needs-based program, 5,000 new workers, direct billing, and special education reform., including improving the transition to adult services.
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NDP Mental Health Program
The NDP are expected to announce a $1.15 billion universal mental health benefits program. The approach will be staggered, beginning with public access to psychotherapy for all Ontarians; a minimum of six sessions for treatment will be covered through OHIP.
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PC Brampton Hospital Expansion
The Ontario government is expected to announce an investment of $21 million to expand hospital capacity in Brampton. William Osler Health System will receive $18 million for a new emergency department at the Peel Memorial Centre for Integrated Health and Wellness and $3 million toward expanding cancer care at Brampton Civic Hospital.
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*Some of the content in this sample is fictional and meant for marketing purposes.
Stakeholder Monitoring

Stay up-to-date on what the influential groups are saying.

Stakeholder monitoring keeps a pulse on reactions to issues as they unfold, so you don't miss a beat.
Stakeholder Monitoring
Life Science Strategy
Reactions continue to roll in regarding the announcement of Ontario’s new Life Sciences Strategy, including from one of your stakeholders.
Analysis and Backgrounder
OMA Agreement
Reactions continue to roll in regarding the Ontario Medical Association’s new new three-year Physician Services Agreement with the province, including from the Ontario Association of Cardiologists.
*Some of the content in this sample is fictional and meant for marketing purposes.

It doesn’t end there.

Know more this election season with additional features:
Real-Time Alerts: Pushed alerts of vital, need-to-know information.
Leader Activities:
An overview of daily activities of party leaders, delivered every morning.
Nomination Watch: Track candidate nominations, as well as profiles, through briefings and accessible directories.
Bryan F
@bry4n • Sept 2
“Before using Stack we just couldn’t get our act together - productivity was low and the place was a mess. After Stack we became MVP of our field. 💪🏽💪🏽”
Jo Howard
@j0howard • Sept 2
“I won’t mince words, Stack is 100% legit. Our workflow has been supercharged by the plethora of design options and the attnetion to detail is seriously next-level. GET INTO IT.”
Kath Hodge
@khodge3 • Sept 2
“What was especially amazing was the breadth of the design. This isn’t just one or two basic pages, it covers all the bases and allows us to launch fully realised websites faster than ever. ✌️”
Connor P.
@gitit_2day • Sept 2
Without Stack we would still be managing things the bad old way: wasting time, missing deadlines and finger-pointing. No more! Pivot has saved our business. 💰
Joan S.
@sikchik57 • Sept 2
At first we were using templates solely to mock up designs for clients, but the design of Stack was so strong that the client demanded we keep it.

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